We are a sports and technology company based in New York City. Our team is made up of former Wall Streeters, and former and current Olympians and World Champions. We’ve come together unified in our love for sports and our desire to help others.

Bill Shelton
Co-CEO AND co-founder
200m and 400m Masters Runner

“There are many people who are financially successful. There are also many people who do good in the world. I’m trying to do both at the same time.”

Minji Ro
Co-CEO and co-founder
point guard, lover of deadlifts

We want to pay billions of dollars to pro women athletes, build the ultimate team and be one of the best places to work. Who else is doing that?

Phillippa Thomson
Chief Data Scientist

“I love sports, and I love data, so working at the intersection is where I’m happiest. That I’m also working at a company that is championing gender equality is the absolute dream.”

Cheryl Lala
Director of Career Coaching and Training
College Athlete & Golf Professional

“I have been in the sports industry as an athlete, trainer, and college coach for most of my career. Being a career coach allows me the opportunity to leverage these experiences to help professional athletes.”

lauren gibbs
2018 Olympic medalist, 2020 World Champion, “I push heavy stuff for a living”,  lover of food, let’s grab a bite!

“I enjoy spending my time doing things that have the ability to change the world, to empower the people around me while continually looking for my next great challenge.  Success is fun, but it is more fun when with friends.”

DIRECTOR of athlete services
American Javelin Record Holder and 3x Olympian

"Sports have shaped my life and shown me the power of women. I am incredibly grateful for my global female friendship network, and the opportunity to give back to that is a dream."

sarah coopersmith
business analyst

“I always loved playing sports, but didn’t always have access. Working in a team of self-starters speaks to my upbringing and belief that all people should have equal opportunity-financial and otherwise-to participating in sports.”

VP of Athlete Content & Strategy

“Sports are my whole life: I’ve played, worked in, and been part of them for more than 30 years. I will do everything I can to promote the necessity of equal opportunities, pay, and visibility for women in this space.”

Karlie Samuelson
Athlete Engagement Manager

“I’ve played basketball for as long as I can remember with both of my sisters. I’m very passionate about women’s sports and am grateful to have the opportunity to work with Parity to continue to create equal opportunities and pay for women in sport.”

Lindsey McKone
Business Analyst

“Sports have allowed me the opportunity to meet, play and learn from incredible women. I am honored to help give these athletes and more the credibility and equality they deserve and earn.”

Jacob Mishkin
Sales Development Representative

“As a former collegiate coach and student-athlete, I learned that with genuine individuals working alongside one another, Together Everyone Achieves More. At Parity, I look forward to using this experience to assist women professional athletes achieve equal pay and equal opportunities in the professional sports space.”

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"I’ve been one of the top professional athletes in the world for the last 14 years and learned many lessons on how to win on the global stage. I leverage these experiences to be just as successful in the corporate world with my EOS teammates.”

Shannon’s profound understanding of sport, leadership, and innovative thinking make her uniquely qualified to optimize the EOS experience for professional athletes. She applies her breadth of experience in working with brands to attract them to the movement. Her extensive preparation for all she does, prioritization of celebrating teammates’ successes, and positive attitude elevate the EOS workspace.

One of the most accomplished U.S. track athletes of all time, Shannon’s longevity in her sport is inspiring. Her honors include 3x Olympian (she placed 4th in the 2016 Olympic Games), 2x World Bronze medalist, American record holder at three distances (1500m, 2 miles, 5000m), and ranked top 10 in the world for a decade. Shannon is the co-founder of Imagining More, a non-profit organization that promotes arts and athletics amongst young women. Most recently she was selected by the U.S. Department of State to serve as a Sport Envoy to Morocco on the topic of “Women’s Empowerment Through Sport.”

A Duke University alum, Shannon graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in English, Theater, and Film Studies, and went on to receive her master’s in the Humanities, with an emphasis on Film Studies and Women’s Studies. Through the Athlete Career and Education program run by the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee, Shannon earned a General Management Certificate at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business Next Step program.

Shannon lives with her husband Pablo and their daughter Sienna in her hometown of San Francisco. Always a champion for her fellow professional female athletes, she has been vocal about the power of moms in sport since giving birth to Sienna in 2018 and returning to internationally-competitive form.
“In many ways, sports saved my life. I found my voice, my passion and my chosen family through the game. Sports helped me develop differential skills that can only be taught through competition. Helping to grow this business and working with this team is a part of fulfilling my passion to leave this world better than I found it.”

Odessa describes herself as a professional pep talker. She is excellent at injecting openness and energy into any idea, whether fully-formed or in need of development. Her tenacity in the sports world combined with her corporate success result in an uncanny ability to communicate the value of EOS to partners using enthusiasm and realism. She brings a passion for sports, history of entrepreneurism, and a lifetime of consistent excellence to the company.

Preceding EOS, Odessa was the Vice President of Client Support Services at, a technology company with a social responsibility focus. Formerly, she held various directorial sales positions with Express Scripts and Wells Fargo. Odessa was named to Sports Illustrated’s prestigious 2020 list, “The Unrelenting,” for her work in women’s tackle football. This champion for women’s sports is the CEO and co-founder of the Women’s National Football Conference, which exists to create and foster an environment for female athletes to sustain healthy lifestyles through playing, coaching, and participating in American football at the highest level. She also co-owns and is the head coach of Texas Elite Women’s Football, one of the 20 teams in the WNFC. 

While earning a B.S. in Social Science from California Polytechnic State University, Odessa was twice named Big West Conference basketball player of the year. She describes her time as an Atlanta Falcons coaching intern as executive training, on and off the field. She played women’s professional tackle football following her time in San Luis Obispo, and is a hall of famer, 2x world champion, and 5x national champion in the sport.

Odessa lives with her wife and two dogs, Dallas and Cleveland, in Rowlett, Texas. At her core, she is a person who simply wants to see everyone have a legitimate chance. Her life has demonstrated multiple examples of how sport leads the way for advancing us all past our biases and helps us to reimagine the possibilities.
“I believe that sports are part of the final frontier for feminism. The inequities are staggering, but good news is that there are endless opportunities available to leverage women’s sports to elevate your brand: The sponsorship pay gap is egregious but I decided a long time ago that you can either get mad, or you can get busy.”

Liza’s relentless drive to be her best permeates her every interaction and elevates all spaces she occupies. With unmatched energy, she applies her expertise in sales and marketing to problems she sees in business in a way that brings everyone along. Her plethora of high-level professional experiences combined with a love of women’s hockey have brought her to Parity in a specific role that is the first of its kind, but she won’t let it be the last.

Multiple careers in real estate with focuses on historic preservation and underserved communities before, during, and after the market’s early 2000s crisis taught Liza how to build and motivate effective teams in scarce times and niche situations. A transition to sales and marketing meant she applied those skills to media, and over-delivered on revenue goals in every position she has occupied in the decade since. A happenstance experience easily selling advertising space in the 2012 Women’s Hockey World Championship program exposed Liza’s true purpose: She saw enormous opportunity where everyone assumed there was none. This initial experience with women’s hockey would grow into rabid fandom a few short years later.

Liza grew up in the Adirondacks of upstate New York, attending hockey games with friends’ families, and earned a BA in Communication and Media Studies and an MS in Historic Preservation from Purchase College, and University of Vermont, respectively. Her athletic career consists of recreational participation in outdoor sports, and she’s been an avid lifelong cyclist. In 2020 she discovered gravel cycling, which appeals to her love of traditional hardtail riding.  Upon meeting her wife, Josee, Liza’s obsession with women’s hockey skyrocketed. They attended Montreal Les Canadiennes games until the Canadian Women’s Hockey League collapsed in 2019: The events of the CWHL’s demise and Liza’s prior witness to the sport’s dedicated community triggered action. Her identity as a devoted fan, experience in business and media sales, ability to broker partnerships, and commitment to women and pay equity mean she forced her way into spaces where she could make a difference for women athletes-most notably in volunteer roles with Women’s Hockey Life and the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association. She never wanted to play hockey, but sees the role that she as a superfan and professional can play in the sports universe. The scalability of the Parity business model fits perfectly with Liza’s shared goal of elevating all women athletes.

Liza and Josee live in Montreal with their Australian Labradoodle, Benson. During a long recovery from a surgery in her thirties, Liza bought a piano and learned to play: She wanted lessons as a child, but never got them. She’s a bad guitar player, a pretty great knitter, a recreational but very competitive curler, and hugged Hilary Knight once.
“Sometimes tech leapfrogs us toward our social goals. I’m hoping that with our help, Social Media & NFTs will do that for gender parity.”

An eclectic background - in finance, fiction, and more - prepared Adam well for his role at Parity. More than two decades on Wall Street equipped him to assess and simplify complex issues, think up creative solutions, and communicate strategies clearly. Developing financial products primed him to develop technology products. Writing fiction in his spare time enables him to help athletes hone their stories. A consistent, steady, empowering leader, Adam’s efforts help drive the Parity NFT Marketplace. He strives to make it easy for women athletes to monetize their names, images, and likenesses within a supportive community.

Adam was scribbling away, some days on a thriller, others on an adventure game, when the invention of non-fungible tokens sparked an idea that brought him back to the business world. For a prior 23 years, he worked in finance, primarily as a Managing Director at J.P. Morgan. In one of his roles, he helped private banking clients organize and improve their financial affairs, which inspired him to help women athletes do the same.

Adam earned a B.A. from Harvard University, concentrating in Philosophy, followed by an MBA from the Darden School of Business at UVA. While his mostly junior varsity sports career makes him the least-decorated athlete on the Parity team, he offsets that with team spirit, and challenges any of his colleagues to an escape room or air hockey match. He still intends to win his summer camp’s annual alumni canoe race. In the meantime, he enjoys alpine sports with his family, which may explain why his two kids chose Colorado universities.

Originally from D.C., Adam splits his time between Westport, Connecticut and Sun Valley, Idaho.