Everything that we do starts with coaching. We equip athletes with the resources that they need to grow by helping them access a rich ecosystem of partners who come together to become a force multiplier for our goal.

Our ecosystem is made up of elite athletes, mentors, corporations, and national governing organizations within sports. Our fundamental building blocks are coaching and technology, and we use these two elements to build connections within our ecosystem in a scalable way to try to improve the futures of athletes professionally, personally, and financially.

Our coaching is presented in a variety of ways including virtually through one-on-one work with career coaches and mentors.

Through customized online educational modules, and through real-time webinars on topics specifically tailored to the lifestyles of professional athletes.


EOS provides career coaching, mentorships, and job exploration for selected professional track athletes through the USATF’s Elite Mentorship Program. Our coaching program has been specifically designed for professional athletes who are actively competing, which means that accessibility and convenience are always top values for us.

Our sessions and assignments are conducted virtually through the use of video conferencing and they’re scheduled around the athletes’ schedules, even while they are competing overseas.


Most recently, they launched their Coaching Development Fellowship for former NFL players who are interested in becoming youth and high school football coaches. As some of the best ambassadors of the game, former players often return to their communities to coach the next generation of football players.

EOS worked with the NFL to develop customized online modules on leadership, proper nutrition and hydration, and other coaching-related topics to ensure that athletes have the knowledge, insight, and resources they need to not only further their own professional careers, but to also spread this insight throughout their communities.
Through an online dashboard, the league is able to monitor real-time progress of Fellowship recipients, view assessment scores, and offer a centralized place for communication and resources.


RISE (Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality) was started by Stephen Ross, the owner of the Miami Dolphins, and is a national non-profit that educates and empowers the sports community to eliminate racial discrimination, to champion social justice, and to improve race relations
For the Athlete Empowerment Community (a space specifically meant for professional athletes), EOS and RISE launched a webinar series to help athletes become better advocates for their most important causes. Topics included:
1. Effective Communication – how to be better at public speaking when speaking about causes that are important to them.
2. Choosing Investments – how athletes can think through donating their time, money, or both.

3. Measuring Impact – ways to measure an investment, whether it is fundraising or volunteering time with an organization.

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